Safely learn the fun and passion of riding Motocross

Teaching the next generation how to ride.

Learn how to ride in a safe and effective way.

The academy of motocross initiative is a further investment into the motocross community by Horsham Mcc to help educate the next generation of the sport on how to safely and confidently learn ow to ride Motocross at a young age.

What you will learn?
New Skills From Our Coaches

Our club coaches will advise young riders and their families on new riding techniques applicable to a riders age, bike size and skillset to maximise their fun and safety on a motorcycle at all times.

Technical Tips And 
Bike Set Up

Motorcycles have many settings and options for performance and safety they our club coaches will guide you through to ensure your young rider has fun and is comfortable on his/her motorcycle.

Ride A Race Track

Young riders can get to experience a real Motocross race track for the first time in a safe and guided environment with our club coaches.

Appropriate Safety Gear

Our Club Coaches will help guide riders through the appropriate safety gear needed to enjoy Motocross and the most cost effective ways to enter the sport.

From 4 years upwards

The Academy of Motocross is designed from riders of 4 and up to enjoy learning how to ride a Motocross bike and track in safe and coached environment.

From The Farm To 
The Track

Our coaches will help take your young rider from the farm to the race track with the Horsham Mcc Academy Of Motocross!

Upcoming Events

Any person over the age of 4 years who rides a motorbike will gain knowledge from attending the Academy of Motocross.

You are required to supply your own motorbike.

Gear you are required to wear – as a minimum to enter the Academy;
– Helmet
– Goggles
– Gloves
– Long sleeve shirt
– Jeans or hardwearing long pants (not tracksuit pants)
– Sturdy workwear boots

You do not need to have body armour and motorbike jersey, pants and boots to get started, however as you progress these will be required. The coaches and committee members can provide advice on suitable types of gear. From time to time, members have gear they will advertise for sale.

ALL OTHER RIDING/RACNG AT THE TRACK REQUIRES FULL SAFETY GEAR ie Helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeve jersey and motorbike pants, motorbike boots. Body armour is required for junior riders.

Cost is $25 per day and you are required to become a member of Horsham MCC which costs $20 for a yearly junior membership

Yes, a parent/guardian is required to be with all riders under the age of 16 years whilst riding at club events. It is greatly appreciated to have the assistance of parents/guardians on these days.