Take your riding fun to the next level with intense racing, friendly competition and unique event formats.

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The Horsham Club Championship racing is the perfect platform for junior and senior riders to experience the fun of off road Motorcycle racing in a controlled environment across our famous Motocross circuit, off road trails and grass track. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, our club championship events are for you!

Club day events
Motocross Club Championship

The Motoctross Club Championship is held over 7 rounds on the famous Horsham Motocross circuit. The “club champs” is a great way to race your friends in a fun and low pressure environment.

Black Range Enduro

Hosted near the incredible Grampians Mountain range, the Black Range Enduro features Ironman and Pony Express formats for those club members who wish to push their endurance to the limit or team up with friends for a fun enduro vibe.

The Horsham Trilogy

Hosted on the entire Horsham Motorcycle Complex, the unique course for Seniors and older Juniors includes 3 races on the entire Grasstrack, Enduro Special Test and Motocross track combined. For the younger junior riders, a three race format of the Grass track and Motocross track combined is utilised.

Academy of Motocross

The academy of motocross initiative is a further investment into the motocross community by Horsham Mcc to help educate the next generation of the sport on how to safely and confidently learn ow to ride Motocross at a young age. 
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MX Amateurs

The MX Amateurs has quickly established itself as a must attend pre season event for Junior and Senior Motocross Riders. Hosting a unique set of races it’s a one of a kind event that produces an amazingly fun environment for both spectators and rides alike. Learn More

Working bee’s and social events.

Want to get involved in the club to make it the best track in Australia? Our club hosts multiple working bees and social events so our community can stay in touch and help make our club great. Get involved, make friends and get the most out of your Horsham experience.

Upcoming Events