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A club membership with Horsham MCC opens the door for you and your family members to compete in our range of club events throughout the year.

4-Under 16 Years

Junior Competition Member Guide

Ready to go racing? A Motorcycling Australia competition licence allows you to race in National, State, Club competitive and non-competitive events.

To join as a competition junior member at our club you require a Horsham club membership (part 1) and a valid Motorcycling Australia recreational Licence (part 2).

Part 1 – Join Horsham MCC
  1. Click sign up here https://ridernet.com.au/member/index.cfm?p=register
  2. Note: if you are a junior (under 16yo) you must first register a parent/carer
  3. Create a password and complete the personal details section
  4. Click create new account
  5. Once registration complete, you will be provided with a member number and prompted to click Join a Club or Finished.
  6. If parent/carer and purchasing membership for junior, click Finished and go back to the start to register your child. Follow prompts again and once registration complete for child click Join club
  7. If purchasing membership for yourself, once registration complete click Join a club
  8. Click on Add Club+ and search for Horsham MCC and click Add Club+
  9. Choose desired membership option
  10. Read and accept terms and conditions and you will be taken to be the payment screen for the final step in purchasing your membership.
  11. An email will be sent confirming payment.
  12. Download the Motorcycling Australia app where you will find a copy of your virtual membership card
Part 2 – Junior Competition MA Licence
  1. 4 to under 16 years, firstly you will need to complete a Kickstart program – refer to Academy of MX to confirm next available Academy dates and follow the process to enter. When applying for a licence, you will need to upload the completed Kickstart program, (refer step 3 below) which is finalised in the Academy of MX
  2. Apply for a Junior National race licence through Ridernet
  3. Download the Motorcycling Australia app to your mobile device which provides a virtual card as proof of your licence and allows you to update your Ridernet profile.
  4. You must apply for a race number by contacting Motorcycling Victoria, click here for the criteria and application
  5. Refer to the Motorcycling Australia Manual of Motorcycle sport to determine requirements for numbers on bikes and clothing when competing. (refer pages 87-88)
  6. Now you can do the ‘fun part’ and order your sticker kit with your number and correct colour system for your age and grading.
  7. You are ready to go racing. Check out when you can next go riding on the website calendar and refer to the club Facebook page

Ride Park Australia Days

Want to try before you buy?

Not ready to become a member yet? That’s okay! Come ride the Horsham motocross track at our Ride Park Australia Days. No commitments just fun.